Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stuffs to know

There is a Head & a Tail while going on a tour. They are the flag bearer and end supports respectively. The head rider always leads the fleet and no one is allowed to overtake him. The tail rider makes sure that he is the last in the fleet and ensures no one is left behind him. The arrangement is similar to the train driver in the engine & the guard in the last coach of the train. Both the head & tail are experienced riders.

Remember we are touring and not racing. Ride in harmony, ride together, one behind the other. Some unsaid and understood protocols are to be followed.

Sometimes, the best communication happens when you're on separate bikes.

Registration of all participating members is necessary.
Prior to start of the tour one must always check for the following things:

  1. Fuel level
  2. Drivers' license
  3. Papers of the bike
  4. The brakes, mirrors, head & tail lights are functioning properly
  5. Wear a helmet
  6. Also it is mandatory for the pillion rider to wear a helmet
  7. Wear a jacket, knee guard, gloves
  8. First aid kit in the bike intact
  9. Carry a bungee cord to fasten you bags and luggage to the bike
  10. Carry chewing gums, mint and water bottle

Monday, 10 March 2014

Safety First

Everyone crashes. Some get back on. Some don't. Some can't.

While on read safety is the first thing and should continue to be your companion through the tour life and life long.

Never ever DRINK AND RIDE....

There are drunk riders. There are old riders. There are NO old, drunk riders.

We will provide motorcycle safety course prior to the rides/tours to all the riders and pillions. The course includes traffic safety laws, how to respond to emergency situations on a motorcycle and give you a chance to try out your new skills in a controlled environment. You would be given tips about motorcycle maintenance and how to avoid unsafe situations.Taking a motorcycle safety course prepares you to hit the road safely and with more confidence.
And to your delight, we are giving discounts and other promotional materials to people who completed their safety course.

Leather jackets, hand gloves, knee guards, riding shoes are not just fashion accessories they are gears that aid smooth and safe ride. Be proud to wear a HELMET... 

Remember bikes are the smallest and the least safe vehicles on the road.

Never be afraid to slow down.

Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone.

Get your machines checked and serviced prior to every tour.

Avoid bad weather, overdoing your capabilities and riding skills and avoid temptations & distractions.

Leave enough stopping distance, space while riding and in all leave your tensions,worries and bad thoughts behind before getting on the saddle.

Look twice, do not change lanes often, ride defensively.

Don't argue with an 18-wheeler.

If you ride like there's no tomorrow, there won't be. Ride slow, for slow and steady wins the race...and here it is the race for survival.