Wednesday, 5 March 2014

RE - the Brand

When a Super bike passes by, making a Zooming sound, we all wonder which bike this can be? But when a bike passes by with a typical sound of Dug Dug Dug, we all know, even without looking at it. Its Bullet.
Such is the identity and influence this company has created right from its birth in England in 1890’s to its current location of manufacturing in Chennai.

It has earned the respect over the years as a stable sturdy and reliable bike, but it was meant only for rich people in society  to showcase their status or for the army men.
The company really never pushed their products into the market until very recently when Eicher group took over Enfield Motorcycle co. and re branded it as Royal Enfield Motorcycle co. and change the perspective of customers to look towards this bike.

Since then Royal Enfield has hurled themselves into the market by rolling out new models to compete their Japanese counterparts. From introduction of .Machismo and Thunderbird, India’s first Cruising motorcycle in early 2000 to the latest addition of Classic series in the fleet, RE is getting popular among the Indian Riders.

Even with the new models RE has managed to nurture the authenticity of original RE with its style. Launch of UCE Engine with Twin spark plug in 2010, complying with Euro III norms, RE has demonstrated technological advancement.

Advertising and branding of the company has played a vital role in this makeover. Keeping “Made Like Gun”, the antic tag line of war era, RE backed themselves as a “Most trusted brand over the years”. While Japanese guys were busy with their automated assembly line, RE, with 50-60 year old assembly line portrayed themselves as a company offering bikes which are “Handcrafted in Chennai”. A CLASSIC example of marketing strategy, isn’t it?

Creating a community of RE riders, offering them a support and discussion forum on company websites and organising bike rides across the India (from Ladakh, Bhutan to Karnataka), Launch of campaign like “The Trip”, “Leave Home”, RE has managed to distinguish themselves and their riders from other bikes and create a sense of pride among the RE riders.

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