Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Stuffs to know

There is a Head & a Tail while going on a tour. They are the flag bearer and end supports respectively. The head rider always leads the fleet and no one is allowed to overtake him. The tail rider makes sure that he is the last in the fleet and ensures no one is left behind him. The arrangement is similar to the train driver in the engine & the guard in the last coach of the train. Both the head & tail are experienced riders.

Remember we are touring and not racing. Ride in harmony, ride together, one behind the other. Some unsaid and understood protocols are to be followed.

Sometimes, the best communication happens when you're on separate bikes.

Registration of all participating members is necessary.
Prior to start of the tour one must always check for the following things:

  1. Fuel level
  2. Drivers' license
  3. Papers of the bike
  4. The brakes, mirrors, head & tail lights are functioning properly
  5. Wear a helmet
  6. Also it is mandatory for the pillion rider to wear a helmet
  7. Wear a jacket, knee guard, gloves
  8. First aid kit in the bike intact
  9. Carry a bungee cord to fasten you bags and luggage to the bike
  10. Carry chewing gums, mint and water bottle

Monday, 10 March 2014

Safety First

Everyone crashes. Some get back on. Some don't. Some can't.

While on read safety is the first thing and should continue to be your companion through the tour life and life long.

Never ever DRINK AND RIDE....

There are drunk riders. There are old riders. There are NO old, drunk riders.

We will provide motorcycle safety course prior to the rides/tours to all the riders and pillions. The course includes traffic safety laws, how to respond to emergency situations on a motorcycle and give you a chance to try out your new skills in a controlled environment. You would be given tips about motorcycle maintenance and how to avoid unsafe situations.Taking a motorcycle safety course prepares you to hit the road safely and with more confidence.
And to your delight, we are giving discounts and other promotional materials to people who completed their safety course.

Leather jackets, hand gloves, knee guards, riding shoes are not just fashion accessories they are gears that aid smooth and safe ride. Be proud to wear a HELMET... 

Remember bikes are the smallest and the least safe vehicles on the road.

Never be afraid to slow down.

Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone.

Get your machines checked and serviced prior to every tour.

Avoid bad weather, overdoing your capabilities and riding skills and avoid temptations & distractions.

Leave enough stopping distance, space while riding and in all leave your tensions,worries and bad thoughts behind before getting on the saddle.

Look twice, do not change lanes often, ride defensively.

Don't argue with an 18-wheeler.

If you ride like there's no tomorrow, there won't be. Ride slow, for slow and steady wins the race...and here it is the race for survival.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Beasts in the Line Up

4 wheels move body, 2 wheels move the soul

Backed by over a century of crafting motorcycles which have actively driven the passions and lifestyles of enthusiasts all over the world Royal Enfield today largely classifies its creations into the basic three distinct lines as depicted below. A distinct philosophy defines how each of these categories is unique in itself and signifies a special turn of events or a landmark occurrence in lifestyle changes which lead to the emergence of these motorcycles.


The longest production run for any motorcycle having remained continuously in production since 1932 is the oldest in the family.Its unique hand-painted pinstripes and bold black tank along with the headlamp casing adoring the ‘tiger eyes’ pilot lamps signify the visual appeal. With old world charm and packed
with modern features still much in demand this motorcycle is definitely here to stay.



The classic turns heads not because it wants to but because it can’t help it. Clothed in a disarmingly appealing styling you will appreciate the beat not just for the music it creates but also for the muted feeling of strength and power that it signifies.



Designed exclusively for the Indian market and revolutionized how highway riding and leisure motorcycle shaped itself in the country. The advent of the Thunderbird 500 in 2012 this family matured up to become the flagship of the stable and redefine how Royal Enfield addresses the needs of the enthusiasts and riders.


The Royal Enfield Continental GT is the lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield in production. It's a machine with a story, a nod to motorcycling's finest hour; a painstaking collaboration. It is also the best expression yet of a cultural phenomenon that has simply refused to fade away - the café racer.

trip to LoNaVaLa and fall for it.....

.......Winter...the cold breeze...the roaring bull.....dug...dug...dug...dug......go baby go!!! Left माझी, तुमची, आपली  सर्वांची लाडकी Mumbai on a pleasant shivering note....entered the curvaceous Khopoli as smoking dragons......the foggy mountains....the chilling monster of winds gushing in........

......entered the land of chikkis with hot cuppa and our very own "InDiAnIzEd BuRgEr" an red chutni....sssss.....shhhlurrrp......the aroma of melting jaggery.......evaporates all the realm of chocolate fudge, jams and jellies.......ecstasy spilling out of soul.......mmmmmm....

.........each snake turn revealing another me each better than the previous one......yet all hugging one and all with no signs of jealousy..........the greens making you realize how lifeless our concrete shelters are........makes your heart realize that flowers are the sweetest things God ever created, an d forgot to put a soul into it........and at the same time you feel the brunt of tourists leaving plastic bags, bottles.......slap on your face for it casts a spell of are bound to fall in love........sans beaus you will be compelled to be Narcissus's.....uncontrolled charm, free flowing compassion, it embraces you, nestles you and forgives you.......a non believer soon goes...."Aaah!!! Winter on my head, an eternal spring in my heart......."

Trip over nature and you fall in love forever.......

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

RE - the Brand

When a Super bike passes by, making a Zooming sound, we all wonder which bike this can be? But when a bike passes by with a typical sound of Dug Dug Dug, we all know, even without looking at it. Its Bullet.
Such is the identity and influence this company has created right from its birth in England in 1890’s to its current location of manufacturing in Chennai.

It has earned the respect over the years as a stable sturdy and reliable bike, but it was meant only for rich people in society  to showcase their status or for the army men.
The company really never pushed their products into the market until very recently when Eicher group took over Enfield Motorcycle co. and re branded it as Royal Enfield Motorcycle co. and change the perspective of customers to look towards this bike.

Since then Royal Enfield has hurled themselves into the market by rolling out new models to compete their Japanese counterparts. From introduction of .Machismo and Thunderbird, India’s first Cruising motorcycle in early 2000 to the latest addition of Classic series in the fleet, RE is getting popular among the Indian Riders.

Even with the new models RE has managed to nurture the authenticity of original RE with its style. Launch of UCE Engine with Twin spark plug in 2010, complying with Euro III norms, RE has demonstrated technological advancement.

Advertising and branding of the company has played a vital role in this makeover. Keeping “Made Like Gun”, the antic tag line of war era, RE backed themselves as a “Most trusted brand over the years”. While Japanese guys were busy with their automated assembly line, RE, with 50-60 year old assembly line portrayed themselves as a company offering bikes which are “Handcrafted in Chennai”. A CLASSIC example of marketing strategy, isn’t it?

Creating a community of RE riders, offering them a support and discussion forum on company websites and organising bike rides across the India (from Ladakh, Bhutan to Karnataka), Launch of campaign like “The Trip”, “Leave Home”, RE has managed to distinguish themselves and their riders from other bikes and create a sense of pride among the RE riders.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nomadic Soul

Some smoke, some booze, some go shopping, some cry, some seek solace in friends, family, Facebook, watsapp, some go trekking, some get depressed...

Some celebrate cutting cakes, running around, hugging, smiling, partying, praying...

Some eat, some read, some paint, some write, some cook, some sing, some listen to music, some are silent, some scream...

I go Royal...I go Bulleting...I go Enfielding...

Nothing else can beat the feeling of the breeze touching your face while the bike tears the air to carve its path ahead. The smell of of leather is mesmerizing. And how can we not hum the thump...dug dud dug dug :-)

Moms hates the firing and calls it "phatphati" and dads feel people riding bikes are loafers. Specially the ones that make noise. ;-)

Its true that motorcycle rider gangs are considered bunch of rowdy men/women on their bikes involved in drug trafficking, sexual assault, extortion and all such illegal and criminal activities. There are many such notorious biker gangs considered to be operating organised activities throughout the USA and other parts of the world.
In India though not perceived as criminals, group of Royal Enfield riders are considered people with addiction to bikes, booze and babes.

Organizing bike rides with a purpose can  redefine bikers' image in India as well as on the global platform. Bike trips can be linked to creating awareness, supporting and raising funds for old age homes, orphanages, medical treatments for the poor, educational institutes. It can be organized for clean up drives, social service activities and likes. Here is a call to all corporate and bike enthusiasts:-
" Let us club recreation with corporate social responsibility and the amalgamation would reap results of a better society"
Yes addicted to bikes we are, for the best sun shines on the chrome. But let us collectively change this interpretation and make people realize that we Royal Enfielders are on a journey to change the world to be a better place.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

The 360 degree turn..

The Porches, BMWs, Mercs...come & go...

Some admire...many are ignorant...

But ALL turn their visions 360 degrees...

when a BULLET fires...!!! thak thak thak..dug dug dug dug....