Sunday, 2 March 2014

Nomadic Soul

Some smoke, some booze, some go shopping, some cry, some seek solace in friends, family, Facebook, watsapp, some go trekking, some get depressed...

Some celebrate cutting cakes, running around, hugging, smiling, partying, praying...

Some eat, some read, some paint, some write, some cook, some sing, some listen to music, some are silent, some scream...

I go Royal...I go Bulleting...I go Enfielding...

Nothing else can beat the feeling of the breeze touching your face while the bike tears the air to carve its path ahead. The smell of of leather is mesmerizing. And how can we not hum the thump...dug dud dug dug :-)

Moms hates the firing and calls it "phatphati" and dads feel people riding bikes are loafers. Specially the ones that make noise. ;-)

Its true that motorcycle rider gangs are considered bunch of rowdy men/women on their bikes involved in drug trafficking, sexual assault, extortion and all such illegal and criminal activities. There are many such notorious biker gangs considered to be operating organised activities throughout the USA and other parts of the world.
In India though not perceived as criminals, group of Royal Enfield riders are considered people with addiction to bikes, booze and babes.

Organizing bike rides with a purpose can  redefine bikers' image in India as well as on the global platform. Bike trips can be linked to creating awareness, supporting and raising funds for old age homes, orphanages, medical treatments for the poor, educational institutes. It can be organized for clean up drives, social service activities and likes. Here is a call to all corporate and bike enthusiasts:-
" Let us club recreation with corporate social responsibility and the amalgamation would reap results of a better society"
Yes addicted to bikes we are, for the best sun shines on the chrome. But let us collectively change this interpretation and make people realize that we Royal Enfielders are on a journey to change the world to be a better place.

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